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PT Global Transport Abadi

We are a Logistics Company in Indonesia, with head office in Jakarta. We are currently expanding our business in Surabaya and open our doors to highly motivated and performance-oriented individuals who want to contribute and participate in the rapid growth of our company.

Warehouse & Distribution Supervisor
(Jawa Timur - Surabaya)


  • Developing System, Rules and Procedures to achieve Logistics KPI
  • Managing the warehouse, transportation and distribution effectively
  • Generating daily, weekly and monthly report to Superior


  • Male
  • Having minimum 1 year experience as a Logistics / Supply Chain / Warehouse Asst. Supervisor or Supervisor
  • Having knowledge of supply chain management
  • Having Knowledge of Warehouse Management System
  • Good interpersonal skills, able to work in team, strong leadership skills, analytical thinking, result-oriented
  • Computer Literate
  • Job Location in Surabaya

Please send your complete resume and recent photograph to:
PT. Global Transport Abadi
Kompleks Puri Mutiara Blok A - 16 Sunter
Email: edward_psrb@yahoo.com


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