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Keywords represent a subset of this matter. Keywords are nouns
and adjectives that serve to describe you professionally.

This guide offers a variety of tools for you. For the top professions
we identified, you will find a list of at least 20 keywords, an example of
their use in a sample resume, and their use in a sample interview question.
Not every keyword is illustrated in every respective resume or
sample interview. Inserting every keyword would have made them too
wordy and in many cases unrealistic. These samples will give you some
ideas, but your use really depends on your own experiences and objectives.
Each profession showcases the work of both the authors and the
members of the Professional Association of Resume Writers.

Really look over “Tips to Get You Hired” starting on Chapter 3.
They will provide you with savvy tips you won’t find anywhere else.
The tips are divided into six categories and are very tactical in nature.
We always try to stay away from theory and instead emphasize handson


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